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How to request access?

This video will show you how to sign up and request access to the Instructor Portal.

After requesting access, you'll be able to create your first InSimu Course.

How to create your InSimu Course?

This video will show you how to find the perfect clinical scenarios from an infinite pool of virtual patients and how to create problem-based assignments for your students.

How can students practice with the app?

This video will show all the features of the InSimu Platform for students. In the video, we will present how a clinical scenario can be solved in the app.

Product Presentation

Watch this introductory video about the InSimu Virtual Patient Clinical Training and Assessment Platform. The CEO of InSimu, Dr. Gabor Toth, explains how you can deliver case-based education more efficiently with InSimu patients.

Webinars and Workshops Recordings

5 ways to Use Virtual Patients for Clerkship Student Assessment

Simplify your evaluation process of your medical students with virtual patients and take it to the next level with comprehensive data and advanced analytics.

Using Virtual Patients: Bridge the Gap Between the Lecture Hall and Clinical Rotations

As undergraduate medical students transition from preclinical classroom settings to clinical care in the office/hospital, they face one of the biggest challenges: applying theoretical knowledge to real-life patient care. Virtual patients offer a number of opportunities to ease this transition, aiming to build students' confidence in clinical reasoning skills.

What your semester can look like with InSimu?

Did you know that there are different types of assignments that you can create on the InSimu Platform? We will show you how to use the different settings depending on your students’ knowledge level and your educational objectives.

The Introduction of InSimu Analytics

The workshop aims to help you discover the different options to track your students' performance on the InSimu Platform.

How to foster student engagement with InSimu?

We are presenting a framework for how to establish the foundation of an engaging clinical lecture even in the virtual setting and sharing some best practices on how you can foster student engagement with simulation and virtual patients.

Self-learning and assessment tips for your students

In this video, we are demonstrating the features of InSimu that help students practice on their own and assess their skills themselves.

Best Practices

Learn more about how the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences implemented InSimu in teaching

Watch the interview with Arydas Gelzinis, the Vice Dean at Center for Postgraduate Studies.

How to build in InSimu into your clinical lecture?

In this video, we give an example of incorporating InSimu virtual patients in your case-based clinical teaching. In this session, Professor Peter Hamar is delivering a lecture about kidney cancer.

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