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2. Solve the first patient little Elisabeth Doe.

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4. Enjoy your Christmas holidays with your family and friends.

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InSimu Patient

”InSimu invented quite a fascinating thing… found a solution how to make the practice of medical diagnosis widely available by simulating patients. It is amazing how these entrepreneurs want to change medicine with the use of digital technologies.”  

- Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft)

Learn from mistakes  

Get a detailed feedback in Premium. Assess the level of knowledge and see how they meet professional standards. Check the correct diagnosis, optimal time and spending, the relevance of harmful tests, and any missed tests.  

Improve skills  

See yourself improving in time. Learning from the feedback, you will be faster and more efficient in diagnosing your future patients.  

Focus on what matters  

Do you need a little catchup for the Emergency exam? Want to learn more about the differential diagnostics of gastrointestinal diseases? In Premium you no longer have to wait for the relevant “random patient”: you can choose the specialty!

What Our Users Say


”InSimu Patient has completely reshaped my diagnostic thinking. This is exactly what a medical student needs today.” - Fanni Csobai medical student, former student representative, Hungary  

” I feel like it is coming at a time when I worry a lot about my practical knowledge. I believe that your app bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical requirements.” - Kaycee Monwuba, medical student, Ukraine