IFMSA - InSimu Diagnostic Championship 2019

International Diagnostic Championship

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“Competition makes us faster, collaboration makes us better.” (Unknown author)

About The Championship

The Intentional Diagnostic Championship is organized the second time jointly by the IFMSA and InSimu. The initiative aims to fight against misdiagnosis through education. The online competition enables medical students all around the world to compare their clinical knowledge to those studying far away from them.

In the Championship teams of 2 or 3 medical students will compete in 2 rounds against each other by solving the same cases in a given time frame.  

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What can you win?

Each member of the winning teams will receive the following prizes.

Main Prize

1st Place  

  • $160 of Amazon e-Gift Card 
  • Lifetime Subscription to InSimu Premium 

2nd Place  

  • $100 of Amazon e-Gift Card
  • 1-Year Subscription to InSimu Premium 

3rd Place  

  • $60 of Amazon e-Gift Card 
  • 6-months Subscription to InSimu Premium  

Extra Prizes for Teams

The Next 10 Teams Each member of the team will receive: 2 months of InSimu Premium Subscription  

Lottery Another five 1-month of InSimu Premium will be drawn among the rest of the participants. Each member of the team will receive: 1 month of InSimu Premium Subscription  

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Special Prize: Win InSimu Premium For Your School

Up to $36,000 value for your school

Invite your friends & win InSimu for your medical school

The medical school which will have the most teams entering the Challenge in the Championship, will be awarded with an InSim University offer for 1 semester. 

The package includes: free usage for the InSimu Premium for the students of the winning university for 1 semester.

There will be a leaderboard for checking the current ranking of medical schools.

* if you can't find your school in the app, please contact us at and we'll add it. 


“Through the IFMSA-InSimu Championship, future doctors can think big, sharpen their diagnostic skills and improve medical education.”

Nicholas Addae Mensah Organizer, IFMSA

Obada Nahawi

“Our path to be skilled physician start by getting the right diagnosis and that's what we aim to be with this championship.”

Obada Nahawi Small Working Group leader, IFMSA

“The IFMSA-InSimu Diagnostic Campionhsip aims to encourage teamwork among future medical professionals and raise awareness on efficient diagnostics.”

Andrea Herdon Co-founder, InSimu 

Christopher Mena

“The best diagnostics come with the best teams.”

Christopher Mena Organizer, IFMSA 

Kahir Ul Barayya

“Why be a good doctor when you can be the best one? Join the championship to learn and grow your medical career.”

Kahir Ul Barayya Organizer, IFMSA 

About InSimu

During the competition, you'll compete using the InSimu Patient app. Watch the demo video and start practicing today to master your diagnostic skills. Get the app now!  


Rules & FAQ

The InSimu - IFMSA International Diagnostic Championship is an online team competition. Check out how it works.

Teams of 2 or 3 medical students

It's time to team up with your friends. Group of 2 or 3 students are allowed to participate in the competition from the same medical school. The team can also be composed of people from different educational levels.

The Challenge of the Championship in the InSimu Patient app will be available only on the InSimu Account of the Team Leader, so you have to come together to complete the Challenge.  

One device used per team

Once you have a team, you need to choose a team leader. A team leader is required only for one technical reason: the competition will be available only on his/her InSimu Patient account. The team will be using 1 single mobile device (phone or tablet) during the competition. The app works both on Android and on iOS. Please note that the app requires internet connection. 

2 online rounds of diagnosing virtual patients

During the competition you have to diagnose virtual patients in the most correct but time-efficient way with the InSimu Patient app in a given time frame.

1st round: You'll have 8 virtual patients that you have to diagnose in 60 minutes. 

Final: The final will be more difficult, because you'll have 45 minutes for the 8 patients. But not only because of the shortness of time....;)

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Who can participate?

All medical students are allowed to register for the competition. Practicing physicians and resident doctors are not allowed to join the Championship.

Please note that the competition aims to compare your clinical knowledge so you need to know the basics of medicine.

Am I going to know what the good solution would have been?

The correct diagnosis and correct diagnostic pathways will be available in the InSimu app (Profile/Solved patients) the day after the competition. 

The correct solutions will be also announced on InSimu's facebook.

What tools are allowed?

All learning materials (e.g. books, notes, Google) are allowed to be used during the competition. However, you will have to use your theoretical knowledge in practice. Diagnostic thinking, holistic approach and logic will be highly important.

How can I practice for the competition?

You can download the InSimu Patient app right now and start practicing for free. Helping you to get the most out of yourself, from July 1 to July 11 you will receive Premium access to the InSimu Patient app.

How the scoring works?

You'll receive a score after solving each patient in the InSimu App. The score is based on severel factors and the factors have different weights: 

How to register your team?

Click on the "Register" button below, then follow the isntructions there. Please note that only the team leader must create the team, and the other members of the team should join. You can't invite your friends on the platform, they have find the team, then join themselves.  

Can't find the answer for your questions? Contact us at

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Roadmap for 2019

Registration June 18 0:30 AM UTC - June 30 11:59 PM UTC

You need to register for the competition by clicking on the Apply button at the bottom of this page. Please note that the registration process takes more steps. By clicking on the Apply button, you will see a platform where you should follow the instructions carefully.

Training July 1 0:30 AM UTC - July 11 11:59 PM UTC

Before the competition you'll get free Premium access to the InSimu Patient app so that you can practice diagnostic work unlimitedly

1st Round July 12 8:00 AM UTC - July 14 7:59 AM UTC

The first round will take place on July 12. You will be given a time-frame of 48 hours to complete the 60-minutes challenge of the competition. During this period, you can start the challenge anytime you want, but once you start it, you’ll have only 60 minutes for 8 patients. 

Finalists' Announcement July 15

The best 60 teams will get into the Final. The finalists will be announced on July 15, 2019. In case of score equality, the faster team has a better ranking.

Final July 19 1:00 PM UTC - July 19 1:45 PM UTC 

The Final will take place on July 19, 2019. The final has a specific timing, meaning that everyone will have to solve the cases at exactly the same time, same time frame. Set your watch at 1 PM UTC time zone. We will also live stream during the Final with the results being published right away.

Highlihts of Championship 2018

"The overall experience was extremely positive. Not only the competition constituted a new interesting challenge, but also made me practice my clinical knowledge and recognize which areas I still need to improve, while competing on an international level".

Tiago Beirão ISCAS BROs, finalist Team  

"First of all, the diagnostic championship of insimu was a milestone event in my life and it opened new doors to me. Our team A-squad came 7th in the championship, which was really motivating to all of us. It really taught us to work hard, be creative, resourceful and most importantly it taught us the value of teamwork. "

Avash Mishra A-squad, finalist Team