InSimu to provide virtual patient simulation software for free to medical schools to help online education during coronavirus closures

The InSimu virtual patient simulator app aims to provide a safe virtual environment for medical students and physicians, where they can assess and improve their clinical diagnostic skills. Students can practice on their own, but the company also provides services for medical schools, which help them enhance clinical practice opportunities and assessment of students’ diagnostic skills even in a remote education setting. Many educational institutions have to face enormous challenges caused by the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and have to make difficult decisions. Some medical universities have already suspended their in-class teaching and clinical training, and medical students may also have been trapped at home and try to carry on their studies. InSimu is offering its help in this crisis situation. We provide the InSimu Patient platform for free to medical schools around the world to help them carry on their clinical training with the online e-learning during coronavirus closures. We truly believe that it is our responsibility to support medical schools these critical days with our e-learning services. The application which is accessible anywhere on any mobile device helps enhance the clinical practice opportunities in a risk-free environment. Educators can still follow-up on their students' performance. For those medical schools and educators who are new to InSimu, we also offer a free consultation where our experts help them work out the best strategy for the following challenging weeks.  

 All medical faculties can request free access for their students by contacting InSimu at To learn more about the platform, click here.  


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